Chilly Beach

The very first Web series ever to make the leap to network television.

Dex Hamilton

Sci-fi action TV series that spawned two movies and a loyal fan following.

Mia and Me

Gorgeously realized fantasy series with top-tier visuals.

Yam Roll

Old school 2D squash and stretch is alive and well.

Pet Squad

BAFTA-nominated, and the #1 rated kids' show in the UK.

Chilly Beach Dex Hamilton Mia and Me Yam Roll Pet Squad

Digital experiences that make your heart race

who we are

At toonrush, we push for innovation and creativity in all that we do. In 1996, the toonrush founders created the first web series to go viral on the Internet and since then have been trying to make things that are just as unique; stuff that makes you go "wow!"

Whether we are creating games, movies or web apps we push the technology experience in creative ways with the hope of creating the next big thing. It doesn’t always work but thats when we know we are on the “bleeding edge” .. so we dust ourselves off, apply bandages and get back at it cuz we know we’re close.

the latest

Apr 6, 2016 - A new show in development: Parallel Parker! Parker is her own best friend. Actually, she's millions of her own best friends, because there's a whole lot of parallel universes and a Parker in every one. And they're going to have to work together to save all the universes from getting soundly splorked.

Apr 4, 2016 - The pilot episode of Zombie Sales Guy remains undead, and will be feasting on your entrails soon. And it will also be available in delicious graphic novel format, printed on actual blood-stained paper! Well, paper, anyway. You can stain it with whatever you want.

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