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At Toonrush, we believe in bringing together creative minds, proven industry expertise, and an undeniable passion for pushing the envelope to create innovative content on existing and emerging platforms.  We don’t simply believe that entertainment should be…well, “entertaining.”

To live to see another day in today’s viral storm of constant change, it has to be engaging – it must be sincere - it must embrace the chaos of change and leap beyond the curve.

The future of entertainment is coming at us head on, and it’s going to be a rush!  So, stay tooned!!

For billions of years, evolution has advanced life on Earth.  Now something has interfered, and evolution is out of control.  As life’s genetic code plunges into chaos, only a team of young heroes can find and decipher the secret that will restore human progress and stop the Earth from plunging back into a new primordial age.



DEVOLUTION is an animated school-age science adventure drama with a significant learning component. It is serialized and intended to have regular weekly installments on web or TV. If CSI and Dr Who had children, this would be their animated offspring.

In each episode ...



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